Which SEO Plan is Best For You?

SEO Analytics Pricing Plans

Comparison Table

Plan Monthly Price Ideal For Key Features
Startup $550 Smaller businesses and independent sites - Ideal for low-competition markets
Professional $750 Small E-Commerce websites - Growing blogs, portfolios, service-based businesses
Premium $950 Medium to high competition markets - E-commerce, small to medium-sized businesses
Platinum $1500 E-Commerce sites offering 25-30 products - Expanding reach, improving visibility and engagement
Diamond $2500 National SEO strategy for E-commerce - Measuring conversions, large product categories

Description for Each Plan

Startup Plan:
Ideal for businesses in low-competition markets, gradually increasing online presence. Best for organic leads and improving Google Maps rankings.

Professional Plan:
Suitable for small E-Commerce websites in low to medium competition markets. Designed for growing blogs, portfolios, and lead generation.

Premium Plan:
Tailored for businesses ready to compete for top positions in their niche. Recommended for medium to high competition markets, focusing on organic leads and Google Maps rankings.

Platinum Plan:
Accelerated SEO strategy for businesses facing high levels of competition. Expands reach, improves visibility, and boosts engagement.

Diamond Plan:
Aggressive National SEO strategy for E-commerce businesses. Targets maximum conversions, large product categories, and visitor engagement.

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